7 great things about… Palma Mallorca

Very fortunate last weekend to have found myself in Palma Mallorca, nothing to do with work although I quickly discovered it’s the perfect place to sip great coffee and organise my online life! I had already had a bit of a snoop around on Google maps before I went and had decided I’d love to check out a great little bar where I could set up my temporary Ibiza Photography office for the morning. So starting off with my first favourite place… Number 1 is La Molienda and I wasn’t disappointed. The bar itself is small but perfectly formed and very cosy, on sunny days there’s plenty of room outside on the terrace. Perfect for my morning in the office!

Number 2. Festive Palma! Is it ever too early for Christmas? NO, never! It can’t come soon enough for me and really could last a few days longer in my opinion 🙂 Palma had made a pretty good effort, well actually a pretty great effort so it was wonderful to just be able to stroll around the cute little streets and unique shops. The lights from the thousands of fairy lights up in the trees twinkled away and it just felt perfect. 

Number 3. Ram Bar. La Rambla.
Yes indeed Palma has a Rambla just like Barcelona, but this is a very scaled down much more relaxed version great for strolling and well rambling about!
Dinner is always a potential minefield when you’re away travelling. I take it as a personal failure when I choose somewhere that turns out to be a disappointment! So imagine my joy when we found this gem – and it was totally by accident. After a lovely romantic dinner I allowed myself a short moment of self congratulation and then dived into desert. I can’t recommend this place highly enough. The service was excellent, the food modern and interesting, the decor comfortable and well thought out, and prices were very good. Hit!

Number 4. Soller. 
Ok so not strictly Palma but if you’re there for a couple of days or more then a day trip is a must and this one is it. It’s totally possible to get there cheaply and quickly by bus but there’s no fun in that when there’s a toy train to chug through the countryside on! Trains are a bit of a life obsession for me, I just love the views and the quick window it gives you into peoples lives and back gardens as you sit back and enjoy the ride. Ok this one is quite pricey (18 euros each then 7 euros for the tram down to the port) but if you do what we did and get the train there, walk down to the port and get the bus back (2.50e) it’s not such a large pain in your budget. Lunch is Soller town is a must, the town is cute as can be and the tram trundling through the middle of all the restaurants gifts you a perfect Instagram moment 🙂 We opted to walk down to the port which was a nice way to see more of the area and stride off a few calories. There are also plenty of walking routes in the area if you’re thinking of staying for more than a day. Which is exactly our plan when we go back.

Number 5. Festival Park Outlet Mall.
No this is definitely not a cultural moment for the itinerary I know but at only 25 minutes away from Palma if you have time then why not. As Outlets go it’s not the biggest but it is well laid out and has enough brand shops to keep your shopping bags full and your mind wandering just how you’re going to get all this stuff back in your hand luggage!

Number 6. Es Rebost. Plaza de España.
Back to Palma itself and a very handy choice located almost opposite the train stations and bus terminal. Es Rebost is a Mallorcan chain of bars which mixes the traditional with the modern in ways I love! It’s worth coming in here just for a gawk at the decor which is very cleverly thought out and just works. The food is more of the same. Mallorcan dishes and treats all presented in new and interesting ways. Any time of day is perfect to treat yourself to a cake and a coffee here. And the best bit, it’s perfectly placed to watch the world go by.

Number 7. Our hotel. Innside Palma. 

Location perfect. Decor clever and so cool. Rooms comfortable. Service excellent. What more can I say?! The Melia group has given itself such an overhaul lately and it’s impressive. I live in Ibiza and have been very fortunate to have had a few photo shoots at their hotels on the Island. Each one is a pleasure to visit so I was really happy to see this one in Palma to be just as lovely. And the rooftop bar made it perfect. I can’t wait to come back 🙂

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