Home should be where the heart is.

Surely poverty doesn’t exist in Ibiza? Can there be that many homeless people? This is the standard reaction when there is any mention of this subject. But the reality is very different and made all the more harder to do anything about because there is so little awareness of the fact that yes there is plenty of poverty and plenty of homeless people too.

With this is mind the local branch of the charity Caritas took to the streets yesterday to highlight their message and demonstrate what they do in the community. There was a great mixture of people, the social workers, volunteers, students & teachers from the education centre Betania and the homeless themselves who have all been helped in one way or another.

Why was I there? I’ve been a volunteer for over a year now, helping in the food centre and teaching English, I can honestly say that it’s given me so much and has restored in me a faith in human nature that is easy to lose.
Believe it or not poverty could happen to anyone, we’re only ever something like 2 or 3 steps away from being homeless ourselves. All it hangs on is a combination of coincidence and bad fortune. How long could you last if you lost your job? How many mortgage repayments can you miss?
Being aware of all this really changes how you see things and gives you a completely new view on the subject and also more of a compassion for people, which can’t be a bad thing.

For more info about the work that Caritas does you can head on over to their website

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