What’s in a Library?

Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries.

–Anne Herbert

I hear it’s World Book Day today so this is my nod to all things literary…. It’s easy to forget them isn’t it – libraries could easily be forgiven for holding their hands up and going home without a backwards glance such is the popularity of looking things up on line and reading books on hand held devices. But I think they need a bit of love and appreciation, their presence in our lives is so important. I can remember getting my first library card, it was a pretty exciting moment having all those stories and adventures at my fingertips, and for nothing!
Quite apart from the arguments for the revival of ‘real books’ libraries are quite often housed in amazing spaces, some verging on the beautiful. Usually they’re full of students scratching away on computers oblivious to the wonders of their surroundings but if you stop and have a look it can be a joy to be surrounded by so much history and fabulous architecture, it may even result in you reading a book that on line you would never have considered before. So why wait?!

New York New York (60)New York New York (66)

New York New York (63)
Beautiful New York Public Library

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