It’s no Goat

I live in Ibiza, Spain and sometimes in winter it can be, well shall we say a little quiet. This weekend however wasn’t one of those times.
The cause of all this… A small uninhabited island called Es Vedra which can be found off of the south coast. This is on any other day nothing more than a photogenic landmark, it also had due to no reason anyone can fathom a colony of goats.
How they got there in the first place we’re not really sure, but last week they were all shot dead.
The reasons behind this are many and varied, not all of them are very convincing I have to admit but whatever the motive it didn’t please the 500 people who turned out on Saturday to protest this decision to do away with this group of animals.

This is a little round up of the day.






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  1. Sounds like a strange thing to do. But of course I don’t know the arguments. You nevertheless captured strong images from the demonstration.


    1. Thank you for your kind words Otto… Ibiza can be a bit strange at times!!

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