Hello World…

I’m a bit late with this thing but I’m still going to give a go… Blogging 101, a masterclass in this world and a way of improving my writing and site. So this is day 1 for me and today is officially saying hi to you all and welcome to this blog.

Introductions are as follows, I’m Anne, I used to be from London, well I still am but I’ve spent the last 17 years of my life in Ibiza (a Spanish Island off of Spain for those of you further afield)
I considered just keeping a diary but blogging appeals to me more, I like the idea of being in touch with like minded people and learning a bit more about what they like doing and writing about. It feels more friendly.
I’m also intrigued as to where this can take me, signing up for this course will push me and oblige me to keep going, it may also help me to find a direction and go with it. Who knows!

So what am I about? Well I have 2 big influences, Spain where I live and photography. Both are a part of my life by accident really, I came to Spain just to have a look and I began my photography career just by having a go… Both things have enriched my life and have provided me with so much, I’m very grateful.
That’s me really… at the moment I’d like for this blog to be about my photos and what they can show of the life I have around me, not just Spain but everywhere I go. But for now I’m going to follow the course and hope to also meet some other nice bloggers!




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