Where there’s a Will there’s a way

It’s nice to just wander sometimes and yesterday those random wanderings took me so far as a rather nice piece of art work in Shoreditch.

Turns out the man doing all the work here is Will Barras http://willbarras.tumblr.com/ 

anne walker photo

He kindly took a few moments to speak to me and of course have a little pose. I really liked his work, there’s a lot of movement in the piece and a big motorbike which I now realise is his thing.
In the gallery next door to where he was painting (Sclater Street by the way) you can see some other really good images and his book Yeah Man which would make any coffee table proud!

I continued on my way and spent a good hour or so just looking around. It was a rewarding experience…
How many times do we just rush through places trying to get to where we’re going and not actually ‘see’ anything? Can you describe anything about your last journey to anywhere?
Ok, so Shoreditch and Brick Lane do have more than their fair share of oddities and interesting moments but it’s worth baring in mind that we are always surrounded by people and the things they’ve done – So I’m going to try and pay some more attention to them and slow down for a few minutes each day, who knows where it will take me!

Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need not more

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